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I wish to acknowledge the high standard of performance and professionalism exhitned by Visio Construction Works on the "FABRICA DE PRODUCTIE MDF Sl CONSTRUCTII CONEXE, SISTEMATIZARE VERTlCALA INCINTA, IMPREJMUIRE TEREN" Project. The project consists of development of a complex MDF factory, to be erected on total area of 460,000 m2 in Romania Pitesti/ Oarja Regio, required to label the project a success. Extreme care and sensitivity was taken with regard to all Works involved with proactive and professional decision making and management shown in all areas throughout the project. Particularly important was the attitude and cooperative reactions of Mr. Zafer Bulut and his staff to difficult and tenuous conditions caused by situations outside of their control and scope of works. His professionalism and proactive approach improved the projects overall level of outcome. I would fully recommend Visio Construction Works for any project they're considered for in the future. If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact me.General Manager - Yildiz Entegre Romania

It was a pleasure working with you and your staffs on Cosmopolis Project. Your input was invaluable in our efforts to improve construction quality of the Project while transforming it into an architecturally pleasing complex. Your observations, recommendations, coupled with collaboration with our executive team, allowed reduce in overall project cost by optimization of the design and minimized the material wastage, while resulting in a remarkable increase in construction progress rate. Your staff's efforts to provide flawless units before hand-over for our clients were sincerely appreciated by our organization. I look forward to working with you again in other projects to follow. Ali Capa - Chairman

Ne exprim?m aprecierea fa?? de colaborarea institu?iei noastre, Agen?ia de Cooperare ?i Coordonare Turc?- TIKA, cu compania Visio Construction Works SRL. Am ales sa colabor?m cu firma Visio Construction Works SRL ca furnizor de servicii în domeniul construc?iilor dar ?i al dot?rii cu diverse echipamente, datorit? calit??ii serviciilor prestate ?i a eficien?ei procesului de realizare a lucr?rilor. Totodat?, echipa firmei Visio Construction Works SRL, prin profesionalismul membrilor s?i, a oferit întotdeauna suportul în alegerea celor mai bune optiuni si solu?ii pentru solicit?rile noastre punctuale legate de bunul curs al fiec?rui proiect în parte. În concluzie, recomand?m compania Visio Construction Works SRL ca fiind un colaborator profesionist ?i de încredere pentru orice companie cu care va rela?iona ?i apreciem serviciile sale de calitate ?i flexibilitatea solu?iilor oferite care o diferen?iaz? într-un mod favorabil de competitorii s?i. Haci Ahmet Dastan - TIKA