About us

With around 180 employees, VISIO is one of the largest design and build construction service providers in Romania

VISIO construction

is a reputable Design-Build and EPC contractor. VISIO has achieved great renown for using high-quality materials and finalizing projects within budget and on time for private and public clients in Romania and the rest of Europe. VISIO's expertise in local regulations and customs procedures in countries it operates, as well as its extensive experience in diverse markets and procurement is the key to its success. With around 180 employees, VISIO is one of the largest design and build construction service providers in Romania. The range of services from inception to completion are design, development, construction and operation, covering the complete construction cycle management.

VISIO offers comprehensive design solutions

in the engineering and construction industries. Our 40 highly talented dynamic structural engineers, architects and technical experts deliver optimized solutions as to our Clients' needs and requirements. Our team apply cost-effective and time sensitive designs that prevent costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our Clients in the private and public sectors- both nationwide and internationally. Well-designed buildings result in savings in actual building cost by optimization of energy utilization, required material and manpower and operational costs such as security, maintenance and facility management costs. The design team is responsible for the successful and economical implementation and realization and the seamless sequence of events in sophisticated projects in both domestic and international markets.

VISIO architects, engineers,

estimators, schedulers and construction operations connect in tandem to provide a thoroughly defined project map. VISIO's clients have all the tools and information necessary to make important decisions during the initial phases of their project. VISIO's in-house expertise provides a seamless integration to optimize communication and coordination through collective knowledge.