Vision and Mission


Carrying out all contracted construction works while respecting professional and public ethical rules constitutes the fundamental approach of VISIO from commencement to finalization. Thus, Visio considers completion of all contracted works in conformity with contract specifications and works execution in accordance with technical and administrative conditions and regulations as its main responsibility. VISIO always prioritises client satisfaction while completely rejecting opportunist behaviour.


VISIO is an EPC company that is set to undertake construction projects for governments, private sectors
and for individuals in Romania and in the rest of the world.


VISIO traditionally performs all its services within planned time, required quality and allocated budget while understanding its Client’s expectations clearly where Client’s real-time needs are to be updated continuously.

Target & Aim

VISIO considers continuous development and self-improvement as its primary objective in course of its evolution.

VISIO understands the undisputable necessity of adaptation to rapid changes in the market and the importance of global competition. Always keeping in mind that it is possible to succeed the better, VISIO aims to be an example for other organizations in and outside its domain by improving its services, technology, infrastructure, human resources, financial resources while updating and enhancing its connection and relations with its surroundings and environment as demanded by global changes.