Building and structure design

VISIO offers comprehensive design solutions in the engineering and construction industries. Our dynamic structural engineers, architects and technical experts deliver optimized solutions as to our Clients’ needs and requirements. Our team apply cost-effective and time-sensitive designs that prevent costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our Clients in the private and public sectors – both nationwide and internationally.

Our portfolio focuses on residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction.

With a multi-disciplinary highly experienced team of more than 15 architects, interior designers, structural and environmental engineers; VISIO utilizes the most current technology in building design order to provide the following design related services:

  • Building Development Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Renderings, 3D Modeling
  • Steel, Concrete & Wood Structures Analysis and Design
  • Assistance on Contract Documents and Specifications Formation
  • Structural Inspections
  • Foundation Design
  • Support Structures/Retaining Walls Design
  • REVIT Expertise
  • Facade Design
  • MEP Design through our Partner SANTES

Project Management

With a clear focus on meeting client expectations, our goal is to deliver quality projects on time and on budget using the right tools and the right people. Our experienced project managers perform integration management to provide comprehensive project delivery solutions, including day-to-day involvement and direction and proven technical skills, to facilitate a consistent and productive relationship between our clients, VISIO and the design and construction teams.

Our Project Management Services:

  • Risk assessment
  • Design review
  • Bid support
  • Quick scan
  • Technical inspection (design and execution) – IDI
  • Technical inspection (design and execution)
  • Technical audit subcontractors
  • Technical advisory
  • Project Management support
  • Value engineering
  • Life cycle analysis


VISIO CONSTRUCTION is a reputable Design-Build and EPC contractor. VISIO has achieved great renown for using high-quality materials and finalizing projects within budget and on time for private and public clients in Romania and rest of Europe. VISIO‘s expertise in local regulations and customs procedures in countries it operates, as well as its extensive experience in diverse markets and procurement is the key to its success.

VISIO architects, engineers, estimators, schedulers and construction operations connect in tandem to provide a thoroughly defined project map. VISIO‘s clients have all the tools and information necessary to make important decisions during the initial phases of their project. VISIO‘s in-house expertise provides a seamless integration to optimize communication and coordination through collective knowledge.

As a full-scope prime contractor, construction services provided by VISIO integrate seamlessly with engineering, procurement, fabrication and other capabilities. VISIO recognize the significance of safety, schedule, quality and cost for every project while remaining committed to continuous improvement through the use of industry best practices and employee development initiatives.

Together with VISIO team’s expertise and experience accumulated regarding local and international construction standards and labour laws in projects undertaken both in Romania and overseas, VISIO has the capacity and skills to deliver services in the following fields anywhere in the world:

  • Housing: High-rise buildings and villas.
  • Commercial Buildings: Offices and malls.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and outpatient clinics.
  • Education Facilities and Campuses.
  • Sport and Entertainment Facilities.
  • Hotels (urban and coastal locations).
  • Military Facilities: Prefabricated and pre-engineered as well as conventional structures, storage facilities, hangars, bunkers, walls, fences.
  • Transportation: Roads, underpasses and overpasses.
  • Prefabricated/pre-engineered buildings: Temporary and permanent buildings.
  • Urban Infrastructure: Water distribution networks, water treatment facilities, waste water treatment facilities, sewage networks and power supply networks.
  • Retrofitting and renovation: Hospitals and business centres